Monday, 28 January 2019

GET SET 2, UNITS 3 and 4

Vocabulary:                   UNIT 3:  Fame and celebrities.
                                       UNIT 4:  Adjectives Describing People and Personal Qualities
Lang. Workshop:          UNIT 3: Reportng VerbsCompound nounsCompound adjectives
                                       UNIT 4: Pronouns
Grammar:                      UNIT 3Reported Speech
.                                       UNIT 4: Perfect Modals B2
Listening:                       UNIT 3Boy Bands (B2)
                                       UNIT 4: The best job in the world
Reading:                        UNIT 3Are Celebrities bad for you?
                                       UNIT 4: Your digital footprint B2
Writing:                          UNIT 3:  How to write a biography (B2)

                                        UNIT 4: How to write a formal letter or email

Latin music stars speaking in English

Mr Trump, you must be fired as well

Sunday, 13 January 2019

NEW ACTION 2: UNITS 1, 2 and 3

Vocabulary:     UNIT 1: School
                         UNIT 2:  Personality Adjectives
                         UNIT 3:  Musical instrumentsTypes of music
Grammar:        UNIT 1Present Simple (A2)Question words
                         UNIT 2Present Simple vs Present Continuous Exercises
                         UNIT 3: Past Simple affirmative regular and irregularThere was/there were
Listening:        UNIT 1A Tour of London
Reading:          UNIT 2On the internet (A2)
Writing:            UNIT 1  An email about sports (A2)

Real Reggae


Vocabulary:    UNIT 4: EnvironmentContainers A2
Grammar:       UNIT 4Present and Past Simple Passive
Listening:       UNIT 4Climate Change A2
Reading:         UNIT 4Environment (different levels)
Writing:           UNIT 4: A report (B2)

Do you still think, after watching this, that climate change is irrelevant or unimportant?

Vocabulary:    UNIT 5: Relationship verbsRelationship verbs 2
Grammar:       UNIT 5Future simpleFirst and second conditionals
Listening:       UNIT 5Difficult situations (B1)
Reading:         UNIT 5Genetic heredity
Writing:           UNIT 5: Writing a letter of advice

What did you inherit from whom?


Vocabulary:    UNIT 4: House and FurnitureHousehold choresHome and Furniture games
                        UNIT 5 Food (Kids)Personal feelings word puzzle (A2)
Grammar:       UNIT 4: Present ContinuousPresent Continuous vs Present Simple
                        UNIT 5: Some, any, no, every, There is/there are and it (A2)
Listening:       UNIT 4The Haunted House (A1)
                        UNIT 5: Ordering food in a café (A1)
Reading:         UNIT 4Finding a home A1
                        UNIT 5: At a restaurant (A1)
Writing:           UNIT 4: Describing a picture B1
                        UNIT 5:: My favourite meal

What's your house like?

Do you think British students eat healthy food in the school canteen?

NEW ACTION! 3, UNITS 4 and 5

Vocabulary:  Unit 4; TravelGeographical Features. Unit 5: Jobs and OccupationsEmotions
Grammar:    Unit 4; Past SimpleThere was/were.  Unit 5: Past Continouos vs Past Simple
Reading:       Unit 4; Time for an Adventure? (B1).  Unit 5: Films and Entertainment (A2)
Listening:     Unit 4; Travelling Abroad (A2).  Unit 5: Going to the Cinema
Writing:        Unit 4; An e-mail to a Friend.

The Way

Speaking: It is not a very sophisticated video but comprises most words and expressions given in class.
Wow, I would have liked to have a teacher like him!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

NEW ACTION 3. UNITS 0, 1, 2 and 3.

Vocabulary:    UNIT 1: Drinks and bevereages GamesFood GamesCondiments Games
                         UNIT 2: Professions and OccupationsArt Vocabulary Adjectives
                         UNIT 3:  Sports EquipmentCommon action verbs
Grammar:      UNIT 1Quantifiers Exercises,
                         UNIT 2Present Simple vs Present Continuous Exercises
                         UNIT 3: Comparison of adjectivesToo and Enough
Listening:        UNIT 1Eating Out. A2 Level
Reading:          UNIT 2Food and Restaurants B1 Level
Writing:           UNIT 1  My Favourite Meal. A1 Level

Fancy a race?

Friday, 23 November 2018