Monday, 13 January 2020

NEW ACTION! 2: UNITS 1, 2 and 3

Vocabulary:     UNIT 1: School
                         UNIT 2:  Personality Adjectives
                         UNIT 3:  Musical instrumentsTypes of music
Grammar:        UNIT 1Present Simple (A2)Question words (A2)
                         UNIT 2Present Simple vs Present Continuous Exercises
                         UNIT 3: Past Simple affirmative regular and irregularThere was/there were
Listening:        UNIT 1A Tour of London (A2)
                         UNIT 2Interview with a swimmer (A1)
                         UNIT 3Band auditions (A1)
Reading:          UNIT 1: Seven tips for a tidy desk
                         UNIT 2: At the university sports club (A2)
                         UNIT 3Music (B1)
                         UNIT 3On the internet (A2)
Writing:            UNIT 1:  An email about sports (A2)
                          UNIT 2: Conjunctions: and, or, but, so, because and although
                          UNIT 3Word order in English

Is it worth it?

The incredible story of the autistic basketball hero

Real Reggae

Jemma Pixie Hixon- BBC Breakfast Live- Singing and Agoraphobia/Panic Attacks- 20th April 2011

GET SET 2, UNITS 3 and 4

Vocabulary:                   UNIT 3:  Fame and celebrities.
                                       UNIT 4:  Adjectives Describing People and Personal Qualities
Lang. Workshop:          UNIT 3: Reportng VerbsCompound nounsCompound adjectives
                                       UNIT 4: Pronouns
Grammar:                      UNIT 3Reported Speech
.                                       UNIT 4: Perfect Modals B2
Listening:                       UNIT 3Boy Bands (B2)
                                       UNIT 4: The best job in the world
Reading:                        UNIT 3Are Celebrities bad for you? (B2)
                                       UNIT 4: Your digital footprint (B2)
Writing:                          UNIT 3:  How to write a biography (B2)

                                        UNIT 4: How to write a formal letter or email


Latin music stars speaking in English

Mr Trump, you must be fired as well

NEW ACTION 4!, UNITS 4 and 5

Vocabulary:    UNIT 4: EnvironmentContainers A2
Grammar:       UNIT 4Present and Past Simple Passive
Listening:       UNIT 4Climate Change A2
Reading:         UNIT 4Environment (different levels)
Writing:           UNIT 4: A report (B2)

Do you still think, after watching this, that climate change is irrelevant or unimportant?

Don't think of next generations, THINK FOR YOURSELF! It is affecting us already.

Vocabulary:    UNIT 5: Relationship verbsRelationship verbs 2
Grammar:       UNIT 5Future simpleFirst and second conditionals
Listening:       UNIT 5Difficult situations (B1)
Reading:         UNIT 5Genetic heredity
Writing:           UNIT 5: Writing a letter of advice

What did you inherit from whom?

NEW ACTION! 3, UNITS 4 and 5

Vocabulary:  Unit 4; TravelGeographical Features. Unit 5: Jobs and OccupationsEmotions
Grammar:    Unit 4; Past SimpleThere was/were.  Unit 5: Past Continouos vs Past Simple
Reading:       Unit 4; Time for an Adventure? (B1).  Unit 5: Films and Entertainment (A2)
Listening:     Unit 4; Travelling Abroad (A2).  Unit 5: Going to the Cinema
Writing:        Unit 4; An e-mail to a Friend.

Security Tension High After Schoolboy Boarded Flight Without Passport or Ticket

The Way

Speaking: It is not a very sophisticated video but comprises most words and expressions given in class.
Wow, I would have liked to have a teacher like him!

Saturday, 9 November 2019

NEW ACTION! 3. UNITS 0, 1, 2 and 3.

Vocabulary:    UNIT 1: Drinks and bevereages GamesFood GamesCondiments Games
                         UNIT 2: Professions and OccupationsArt Vocabulary Adjectives
                         UNIT 3:  Sports EquipmentCommon action verbs
Grammar:      UNIT 1Quantifiers Exercises,
                         UNIT 2Present Simple vs Present Continuous Exercises
                         UNIT 3: Comparison of adjectivesToo and Enough
Listening:        UNIT 1Eating Out. A2 Level
                         UNIT 2: Work (A2)
Reading:          UNIT 1Food and Restaurants B1 Level
                         UNIT 2:  Job adverts (B1)
Writing:           UNIT 1:  My Favourite Meal. A1 Level
                          UNIT 2:  Word order

Five Star Michelin film

Body Paint. Human vegetables

Fancy a race?

NEW ACTION! 4. Units 0, 1, 2 and 3

Vocabulary: Unit1. Adjectives that describe placesAround town (A2), Unit 2. Adjectives of personality
                      Unit 3. Active Verbs to Summarize Achievements and Describe Phenomena
Grammar:     Unit 0. What's the difference? Present Simple and Present Continuous,
                      Unit 1. Used To Or Past Simple
                      Unit 2. Past Continuous vs Past Simple (A2)
                      Unit 3. Present Perfect vs Past Simple
Reading:       Unit 1: Adventure Travel (B1)
                      Unit 2: Jokes
                      Unit 3: Education
Listening:     Unit 1: Tour of London
Speaking:      Unit 2: Tell a story or personal anecdote
Writing:         Unit 1: 400 informal words
                       Unit 2: Telling a story
                       Unit 3 Someone I admire (B1)
An unusual profitable job 

Don't laugh, it might be dangerous

I guess Cristiano Ronaldo and some others should see this video

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

NEW ACTION! 4 UNITS 7,8 and 9

Vocabulary: Unit 7 Science vocabulary word listTechonology
                      Unit 8 CultureGeography words
                      Unit 9 Everyday objects.
Grammar     Unit 7 Relative clauses B1, some, any, no compounds
                      Unit 8 Modal verbs
                      Unit 9 Comparative and superlative adjectives B1, too and enough B1
Listening      Unit 7 Amazing facts of the human body
                      Unit 8 Celebrations
                      Unit 9 Shopping for clothes
Reading        Unit 7 Health
                      Unit 8 Travel Guide B1
                      Unit 9 Everyday Objects: A Brief History and Origins of 10 Items in Your Junk Drawer
Writing         Unit 7 
                      Unit 8 Presenting examples
                      Unit 9  My holiday plans

The Union Jack of the United Kingdom

It's a mad mad mad mad world!